About Us
Serving: Los Angeles,Ventura and Santa Barbara County

Since 1997, Billboard Connection Northridge has used advertising expertise to help companies of every size find and negotiate premium outdoor locations, serving as the advertising agency they otherwise wouldn't be able to afford.

The secret to our success is our focus. We're not an outdoor company that owns specific space we need to sell. Nor are we an advertising agency that also creates TV, radio or magazine ads. We are solely an outdoor advertising specialist. And we have just one vested interest: getting your message on outdoor structures at the best possible rates.

When it comes to effective outdoor advertising, it helps to have the right connections. That's what Billboard Connection Northridge is all about.

Billboard Connection Northridge will deliver your advertising message utilizing a variety of outdoor media. From billboards to poster showings, malls, transit, taxi tops, airport displays, movie theaters, mobile or one of the many other forms of outdoor advertising, your message will be delivered with the lowest cost per thousand impressions.

We will provide your business with a complete solution for your outdoor advertising campaign. We do all the work for you, beginning with gathering information about all the different outdoor advertising products in your area of interest, including detailed analysis on location, visibility, traffic count and cost. And with over 100 years of combined experience creating outdoor advertising messages, our expert design team will create a memorable message for your business. We also oversee the production and placement of the signage and manage all of the other details involved with your outdoor advertising campaign.

Billboard Connection Northridge...BE LARGER THAN LIFE!