Billboards (Bulletins, Posters, Malls and Walls)
Serving: Los Angeles,Ventura and Santa Barbara County

A dominating presence that cannot be turned off, ignored or thrown away unopened and remains the true 24/7 form of advertising, that's billboards. Located on key highways, intersections and main points to all major cities, billboards are an advertising mainstay. Choose a permanent billboard for directional or point-of-purchase purposes or for brand awareness. Or rotate your billboard advertisement to different locations every couple of months for maximum exposure to a variety of customers. Regardless of the program selected, billboards make a creative splash into any market.

Contrary to popular belief,digital billboards are the future of outdoor advertising. The new technology draws attention providing a high profile approach to delivering your advertising message. Digital displays typically hold your message for 8-10 seconds and the number of advertisers per display can vary. Additionally, digital displays now offer options never before available to outdoor advertising; networking capabilities, last minute updates and static or fully animated creative. Typically the size of a digital billboard is 14'H x 48'W, there is also digital premier boards that measure approximately 12'H x 25'W . Digital billboards are bought in a network of 10-20 billboards. They also assist law enforcement to capture Americas most wants criminals, amber alerts, and much more. The advertising message can easily be changed with a simple electronic file download. 

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14'x48' Billboard with Extension

Located: Santa Clarita-Los Angeles County 


Located: Los Angles

14'x48' Billboard

Located: Northridge-Los Angeles County

14'x48' Billboard 

Located:Northridge-Los Angeles County


Located:Hollywood-Los Angeles County

Digital Billboard

Located:Woodland Hills-Los Angeles County