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Special Report:
10 Questions you MUST ask yourself before leasing billboards and other outdoor media:

1. Am I being presented all of the Out-Of-Home (OOH) media options that are available?
2. Am I being presented with the best locations?
3. Do I want a media consultant that will provide me with a complete solution for my outdoor campaign?
4. Do I want my media company to show me something new, not just push the same type of advertising every time?
5. Do I want to know about prime locations before my competitors?
6. How can I maximize my ad dollars?
7. How do I know if my media company is looking out for my best interest?
8. I have a small ad budget; will I be treated fairly by the media companies?
9. Is my media company letting me know how to get cool stuff to promote my business for free?
10. Would I rather spend time and money doing all the research, planning, communicating, scheduling, etc., or would I rather have a professional do it all for me so that I can get back to running my business?

We are an OOH expert. There are well over 90 different outdoor products in the market place today. We have access to every product. From the new large digital billboards to elevator wraps, we can present you with all the options and get your message out using a variety of different products. We can fit any monthly budget into one or more of the large selection of outdoor products. ^top

Many media companies will send you what they need to sell, not necessarily what is best for you. Make sure you are getting the choices that are best suited for your company's advertising needs. ^top

Put Billboard Connection to work for you with just one phone call. We will provide you with all the outdoor media options that target your audience across multiple vendors and outdoor advertising products. Our expert design team will create a memorable message for your business and we also oversee and manage the printing, installation and removal of your advertisement.


New and innovative outdoor media products are entering the market place frequently. Your media company should present these options to you, more choices and out of the box thinking is what you can expect from your Billboard Connection Media Consultant. We never charge for our consultation. Join our mailing list! ^top

There are thousands of outdoor media companies ranging from large national companies to independent owners who often have below market rates. Our network of Billboard Connection offices seek and find these hard to find media owners so that we can offer advertisers more choices. ^top

Through the use of Co-op advertising, media packages, and hot deals, we can stretch your ad dollars and maximize your exposure. Consider signing up to our e-mails newsletter to receive bi-weekly updates and stay on top of the hottest media deals available. Billboard Connection is the one to turn to when it comes to getting your message out using outdoor advertising. We have your best interests at heart, not the media owners or ours! We will work hard to negotiate the best deals and locations so your ad dollars go further than with any other media company. We Deliver Results!!! Contact Billboard Connection today and one of our expert Media Consultants are ready to assist you.


The Account Executives (sales people) that work for the media companies can only present you with the locations and products that they own. Your Billboard Connection Media Consultant will present you with all of the many different outdoor media products across many different media owners. We represent you, the client, not the media companies, enough said! ^top

Small company, small budget, large company, large budget. World-class customer service regardless of your size and budget is what you deserve from your Media Company and what you can expect from Billboard Connection. This is our pledge to you. ^top

Out of the box thinking is what separates us. Billboard Connection goes the extra mile to ensure your advertising dollars are maximized with free mobile billboards, vinyl banners, press releases, discounted rates and more! ^top

Use your time wisely; we have the contacts and expertise to manage your outdoor promotion on a local, regional, national or international level. Large or small we do it all, so you don't have to. ^top